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Women in Maryland Higher Education is a state chapter of the American Council on Education's National Network for Women Leaders. We have an Executive Board, which plans the activities for the organization. As a state affiliate, we fully support the vision and mission of the ACE/National Network for Women Leaders' national agenda. This chapter's primary purpose is to promote the advancement of women into senior administrative positions in higher education. We are dedicated to supporting and nurturing the professional development of all women who aspire to such positions. We seek to accomplish our goals through advocacy, networking, and educational programming. In all our endeavors, we endorse the principle of inclusion and assert that diversity is integral to the full accomplishment of our mission.


The American Council on Education's Office of Women in Higher Education (OWHE) provides the national direction for women's leadership development and career advancement through:

  • Identifying Women Leaders in Higher Education Resources that address the identification of mid- and senior-level leaders in higher education.

    • Developing the Leadership Skills of Women in Higher EducationOpportunities for women in higher education to enhance the skills and knowledge they need to move into mid- and senior-level positions.

  • Encouraging Women Leaders to Make Full Use of Their Abilities.

    • Nominations for leadership and career advancement opportunities are made by OWHE, the ACE Commission on Women in Higher Education, the Executive Board of the ACE Network, individual state networks, campus institutional representatives, and members of the academic community.

  • Advancing Women into Senior-Level Positions.

    • Information to help women in higher education who are seeking to advance their careers.

  • Linking Women Leaders at All Levels to One Another.

    • OWHE makes open invitations to ACE Network statewide events, sponsors events that bring women together, and publishes proceedings and summaries of OWHE forums and roundtables.

  • Supporting the Retention of Women in Higher Education.

    • Information about programs and services that support mid- and senior-level women in higher education (Retention Support).

Working together to advance these objectives is OWHE's (  national network of people and activities.

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